The true essence of living is to live a life we desire. The incessant and never-ending desires that keep us tangled in our day-to-day lives often require a calculated amount of struggle. Every person has dreamed of becoming something at least once in their lives. We are highly interested in emulating famous personalities and rich people that we crave for living such a life such that these cravings become dreams for some. Some dream of becoming rich, some to work for the welfare of the people of society, and so on. The endless list never attains a completion. Simply dreaming does not require much effort. The courage to pursue them needs immense dedication and hard work. We often complain of things that are not in our hands like luck and fate but do not even care to give our hundred percent to our dreams and passions. We lack motivation.

Adding a Way to our dreams!

We do not find enough reasons to pursue our dreams. The 'Why' can help people keep themselves on track? But the sad reality is that even if we find the reasons to keep going, the pain of working hard towards a goal does not allow people to move forward. We fit our excuses into our imagination and prevent the brain from creating impulses to keep going. Every time we think of a negative thought, it is stored in our subconscious mind and when we gather hope and get inspired, our subconscious mind works the reverse way and feeds the negativity in our mind and hence we stop working. Procrastination is a new dimension that our mind plays with us to limit ourselves.

Is it necessary to get motivated?

We start working towards a goal, thinking about the results. When you invest your time into something useful, procrastination has a very nice method to keep putting off the tasks that turn even the easier tasks into daunting ones. The result will not be very sweet and instead, we turn ourselves into a procrastinated person that it drives the existing motivation elements from our mind and we stop working towards it. Motivation can be external and internal. We have listened to our elder's advice and bits of inspirational messages from here and there at least once in our lives. We are often swayed by their sayings and get started with the needed action to reach our goals. But the external motivation does not last much longer and we end up giving lame excuses to ourselves. Internal motivation is an element that does not appear in many people because that is one of the most important keys which leads to final success. So, it is high time we take charge of our lives and get started with our goals!

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